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My name is Marina Rivera Gutierrez and I run Botticelli Vive Le Curl, a natural hair salon located in San Diego, CA. I have been in this industry for six years and am a certified Deva Curl Advanced Stylist with love for all curl types. The art of cutting and styling curly hair is very special, which is why I customize a look for each and every client to fit their personality and curl type.

I offer the following:

Dry cuts using the Deva method are done to ensure that you get the look you want, with styling done afterward using organic products. I also offer safe coloring services to give your curls dimension and a natural, healthy glow so that you can have colorful curly hair without damage.

For more information about Deva cuts or to test it out for yourself, please visit me at Botticelli Vive Le Curl today!


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Curly Hair Cuts

Curly Hair Cuts

At Botticelli Vive Le Curl, I specialize in haircuts for curly hair, performing only dry cuts so that clients can see the way their curls will look when the cut is done. The dry cut technique I use is called a Deva cut, or Deva Curl cut, and is great for keeping curls bouncy and luscious. No matter what type of curls you have, you are sure to love your hair when you leave my salon, so please visit me at Botticelli Vive Le Curl for a special haircut today!

Curly Hair Treatments

Curly Hair Treatments

Following your specialized Deva cut, I also style your hair naturally with curly hair treatments that are formulated from organic products, ensuring that your locks are healthy. I also offer coloring services that also use organic products to give your hair that natural glow and vibrant color without damaging your curls, so please drop by Botticelli Vive Le Curl and treat yourself today!